Total anechoic room

    Anechoic chamber is a kind of precision laboratory for measuring sound power, which usually needs to meet certain conditions, such as background noise, cut-off frequency, free field radius, etc; Zhongke Shengxuan team has solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience in the field of anechoic chamber. In 2019, it designed and built a - 1 dB semi anechoic chamber in Danyang, Jiangsu Province. In early 2021, it designed and built a - 6.8 DB semi anechoic chamber in Wujiang, Suzhou. The anechoic chamber ranks first in Asia and third in the world.
The full anechoic chamber is in a closed space, and six surfaces are full sound absorption surfaces (the sound absorption coefficient above the cut-off frequency is greater than 99.9%), which is used to accurately test the sound power of products.

Product function

  • Site survey

    Field survey noise and vibration values, sort out noise sources and vibration sources

  • Provide calculations

    Provide sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration reduction, simulation and other calculations

  • Provide design drawings

    Provide design drawings and renderings

  • Provide design scheme

    Provide design scheme

  • Provide quotation

    Provide quotation

  • Provide implementation cycle

    Provide implementation cycle

  • Collocation of acoustic measurement system


product specification

end-of-line noise test and intelligent identification system for industrial products

Product parameters

Product configuration

Application scenarios

The customer groups are mainly distributed in the fields of automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, medical manufacturing, and other industrial equipment manufacturing.